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Photo: Wooden sign which hung in
Danny Krauss’s first workshop.

Authentic Designs is continuing a tradition, passed down through three generations, to build quality custom lighting that is entirely handmade, and both elegant and functional in design and execution.

We are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service — no phone menus or devices — always an informed and invested person to guide and assist. 

We are committed to creating an atmosphere that makes the process of purchasing our lights a pleasant, efficient and even educational experience, and we extend that commitment into the management and operations of our workshops.

Authentic Designs produces almost every component of our products using locally grown hardwoods and sourced from American companies including the finest brass and copper.

We do not make compromises concerning the quality of our finished products.

We promote training and education for our staff, and often employ younger people interested in pursuing careers in hand building techniques in an effort, to insure the continuance of genuine craftsmanship for future generations.